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In which processing processes is the thermal conductivity of copper based mold particularly important?
Release Time:2024-01-03
Copper based mold is composed of copper and its alloys and has the following processing performance advantages:

Good thermal conductivity: Copper has excellent thermal conductivity and can quickly transfer heat to the entire mold, helping to dissipate heat and control temperature during processing. This is important for processes where the mold temperature is controlled by cooling or heating.

High strength: copper based mold has high strength and hardness, and can maintain good stability under high pressure and high load. This makes copper based mold suitable for processing high-strength materials and complex parts.

Strong wear resistance: The surface of copper based mold usually has a certain hardness and wear resistance, which can resist wear and friction and extend the service life of the mold. This is very important for long production runs.

Good electrical conductivity: Copper has excellent electrical conductivity and can quickly conduct electrical energy, which is beneficial to processes such as electrical machining. In some special processing processes, precision processing can be achieved through electrode discharge, electric discharge machining, etc.

Excellent processing performance: copper based mold is easy to process and manufacture, and shows good cutting performance in high-speed cutting and precision milling processes. In addition, the casting performance of copper based mold is also better, which facilitates the selection of various production processes.

In summary, copper based mold has the advantages of good thermal conductivity, high strength, strong wear resistance, good electrical conductivity and superior processing performance. These properties make copper based mold widely used in some specific processing fields, such as plastic injection molds, die-casting molds, precision stamping molds, etc.
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