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What factors need to be considered when selecting materials for FPC molds?
Release Time:2023-11-02
The material selection of FPC mold needs to consider the following factors:
Types of steel: There are many types of steel for FPC molds, including domestic and imported ones, such as HITACHI from Japan, ASSAB from Sweden, SSE from Germany, BOHLER from Austria, etc. Different types of steel have different properties and uses, and the appropriate steel needs to be selected based on product needs and manufacturing requirements.
Hardness requirements: FPC molds have high hardness requirements, and steel materials that can meet the hardness requirements need to be selected. Generally speaking, after heat treatment, the hardness of steel can reach above HRC50.
Corrosion resistance: FPC molds often come into contact with acidic or alkaline substances during use, so steel materials with good corrosion resistance need to be selected.
Wear resistance: Since the FPC mold needs to be stamped and stretched many times during use, it is necessary to choose steel with good wear resistance.
Processing technology: The manufacturing of FPC molds requires multiple processes, including cutting, grinding, drilling, etc., so it is necessary to choose steel with good processing technology.
Economy: When selecting the material of the FPC mold, cost factors also need to be considered. It is necessary to choose economical and affordable steel according to the actual situation, while also ensuring its quality and performance.
To sum up, the material selection of FPC mold needs to consider many factors such as steel type, hardness requirements, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, processing technology and economy, etc., and needs to be comprehensively considered based on the actual situation.
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